About Me

I am a 39 year old mother of three kids and three step kids. I homeschool, and run a crochet business. I self-diagnosed with Asperger’s in March of 2014, and confirmed my thoughts with my primary care doctor. I will not be pursuing a formal diagnosis.

This blog is for many purposes, the major ones being to clarify my racing mind on the subject, and give me an outlet for many things, and for my family and friends to hopefully have better insight into what makes me do what I do.

Brynn is not my real name, as at the moment, a degree of anonymity is helping me be able to be more open about what I wish to say. This may or may not change in the future, I guess it will depend on the reception and the wishes of my family and friends. I will be sharing very personal information here, so if it makes anyone uncomfortable, I will not be offended if they opt not to read. I feel it’s important for me to maintain as much transparency as possible in this blog. There will be things I will not share, or will be vague about, for whatever reason, but it likely won’t be what others WISH I would be vague about. I’m an over-sharer, so be forewarned.


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