In the Groove

Things are really starting to run smoothly. I have my chore system down, and this morning, my morning chores only took a half hour. Now the goal is to get my work/web work schedule humming along, and it’s time to start school again for my 16 year old step son, and going to start scheduled school time for our three year old. It makes things so much easier when my environment is clean and organized. It’s nice to know that the things I always KNEW would work for me if the others in my life would just let me do it and do their part to maintain it DOES work. Some people say that your surroundings are a reflection of what’s inside…right now, my surroundings are organized, clean and peaceful.

I had company two days in a row for the holiday weekend. I was so happy when, on both days, people said my house was beautiful and peaceful. That means so much.

It’s also wonderful to know that my husband LIKES coming home from work. He says he feels he can come home and relax, there’s no stress, and it makes his work day easier to manage. He works 70-80 hours a week to make sure I can stay home with our toddler, so it’s important to me that he can relax in what little time he has at home.

Husband #2 came over and weed-whacked the front yard, and it makes SUCH a difference! I can’t wait till the outside looks like the inside!

I also want to get seeds started this week. I know it’s late for planting, but I can’t really do outside work because of my allergies, so I’m going to try indoor gardening. I have lots of natural light in my front room and dining room, so I’m going to try to take advantage of that. I have a few veggies and herbs to try.

Right now, I’m very excited, and at peace. It’s nice.


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