Decisions, decisions

When I started this blog, I intended it to be all Aspie, all the time. But, here’s the truth: after the initial processing, and the upheaval that was going on at the same time, things have levelled out again, and I feel that is just too little to blog about. Then, the thought crossed my mind to just delete it. Who cares, right? Then I started thinking…there’s more to me than Asperger’s. Even if a lot of those things are related to the Asperger’s. So why should I limit this blog to just Aspie stuff? I’m a stay at home mom. I homeschool. I have a crochet business that will soon become a brick and mortar store. I have a passion for organization, thrift store shopping, sustainability, repurposing things, and frugal living. I like to do web design. I’m studying spirituality. I love to cook, and try new foods. I’m working around special dietary needs, some for Asperger’s, some for other things. So why not blog about whatever I want?

If people don’t want to read it, they don’t need to. But I think I will start putting things here that matter to ME, not just what I think might matter to everyone else. So, I’m going to revamp a little, and add some new things :).

Hope you enjoy the changes.


One thought on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I added another reader, finally…..and I now have some time to read blogs…lol. I am looking forward to whatever you happen to post. 🙂

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