Levelled out – gearing up

Things are finally back on an even keel. It’s takes me time to adjust, but once I do, it’s good. I have my daily routines set up, the house is nice and organized and easy to keep clean. We’ve been having fun trying new recipes and things.

The issue now is dealing with fatigue. I’m tired, even though I’m getting good sleep most nights. I wonder if it’s just a phase that will pass with time, but I seem to go through these periods. One day, I’ll have tons of energy, and others, none. I wish I could find some consistency.

The dietary changes seem to be helping a lot. We are all enjoying the gluten free meals, and have adjusted quite well.

I’ve joined a couple groups on Facebook that have helped me feel a little less alone in all this, and it’s been nice talking to others with similar experiences.



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