The Stuff That Ain’t Working

The Stuff That Ain’t Working

I’m reposting this link, because I could have written this myself. Maybe reading through this will help others understand even a little bit more of what it’s like.


One thought on “The Stuff That Ain’t Working

  1. May be a little known thing here.. but I start my day each day reading your blog, Love. It’s one little teenie way, that I can gauge where you are and how best to respond and love you in a more perfect way.
    This link helped alot.
    It also, got me to thinking and reflecting on how much you’ve already accomplished and how far you’ve already come in so short a time.

    You’ve always ALWAYS been a very gracious lady. Its one of the traits I love so well about you. Yesterday, being a holiday, you (like me, for differing reasons) have to prepare, both mentally and physically for the onslaught of the work and the mayhem that comes with them 🙂 While it is always a happy thing, it is always a challenging thing too.

    Yesterday, I found myself looking to you (as often as I caught you looking at me) gauging how you were doing and seeing and listening for all of the signs that help us to know what to do in the world of unseen “here’s your sign” moments. I could tell when things on the DEFCON scale were bringing us from green to yellow to red. But you didn’t flight or fight yesterday. You found a way to exist within it. You teamed up with Kevin to find a world within the world.. a way to do something that allowed you to do something you could focus on and be at peace and focused.

    It was splendid,honey. Splendid.

    I felt … just LOVE.
    Love at seeing him respond to your needs.
    Love at seeing you so freely get what you needed and without fear, in the asking and the receiving.

    And what do ya know… we made it!

    This article.. is just a wonderful reminder to me, to remember to not sink into the mayhem, mindlessly and to remember that when I hear things garbled and go into the plastered on smile and deaf nodding, chances are good… you’ve already been in the Aspie nod and smile for a good 1/2 hour before me.. because you DO HEAR all the things I don’t. Its been affecting you longer than it does me, because you can’t tune it all out.

    I SEE YOU.
    and I LOVE YOU.

    Never forget.

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