Starting Over (again)

OK, let’s try this again shall we?

In the last two weeks, things have changed drastically here at our home. We went from a home of 12 people to 4. In his usual style, my hubs decided that that meant it was time to change up, change out, and reboot. And, in his usual style, he did just that. He took hold of the situation, and started making the necessary adjustments. He’s a go getter like that.

So, we removed all gluten containing products from the house. I’ve been doing gluten-free now for a month, and it HAS made a difference. My doc warned me it would take up to 6 months to feel the full weight of the changes, but I should start seeing results fairly quickly. I’m not noticing a lot of mood help, but I’m under a lot of stress right now, so it might be hard to tell. Physically, I’ve been going to bed at 10:30-11pm, and getting up at 5:15 unaided by sleep meds. This is a HUGE thing for me. Two months ago, I was lucky to be in bed by 3am, and woke up every hour or so. Not just roll over, get up for bathroom, woken up. More like sit and stare at the ceiling for 45 minutes woken up. Sometimes, I’d go back to sleep, and eek out 3-4 hours altogether, but most often, I’d subsist on about 2 hours of sleep for the day. That seriously does no favors for my frame of mind, or my tolerances. 6 hours of sleep is completely amazing for me, and getting up at the same time as my hubs, and hence, going to BED at the same time, is a good thing. After a month, glutenny (is that a word?) stuff tastes weird to me, and EVERYTHING tastes different: sweet stuff tastes sweeter, salty stuff tastes saltier. I can only equate it to what I’ve heard from people I know who’ve stopped smoking. I have more energy overall. I’m remembering dreams now more often.

For those reasons alone, I don’t see any reason to stop this change. The hubs has been doing gluten free with me for about 10 days now, and he commented yesterday about how things are starting to taste different. I’m so proud: my cheeseburger lovin’ man got a salad at Wendy’s for lunch the other day. That’s a big deal, folks. Seriously.

So this weekend, he found me a gluten free flour mix. It was a little harder to get a hold of, because he and I have severe nut allergies, and finding gluten-free stuff NOT made with almond flour is a challenge. But he did it. So today, since it is freezing outside, I’m going to spend the day experimenting. We’ve decided to start going 50% vegetarian again too (we spent over a year as veggies *with the occasional cheeseburger cheat day for the hubs* before I got pregnant with our three year old, and her little fetus self DEMANDED chicken and fish). So tonight, it’s veggie pasta night. I’m going to try a breadstick recipe that is supposed to be a copycat of Olive Garden’s (‘cuz those are the BOMB), and a big ol’ salad, ‘cuz it’s necessary.

I’m going to make some homemade granola, because, again, trying to find it without almonds (itch city), walnuts (asthma attack city), or pine nuts (emergency room visit adrenaline shot city) is next to impossible. So, I have dried apricots and raisins for my granola, will see what I can make. I also think I’m going to make these blueberry oat bars for dessert that look awfully good.

I’ll post recipes and stuff đŸ™‚

We’re going to be working this year to get our land up to snuff again after the droughts, and get it ready for planting next year. I’d like to get more sustainable. I can’t do everything I would like; I have severe animal allergies that make it next to impossible to take care of livestock, even chickens, and the hubs doesn’t have enough time, but we’ll do what we can, and hopefully find some folks willing to barter.

I’ve gotten myself on a decent chore schedule, which makes me a little more sane, and the house a lot more organized. It’s easier when I am up early too, before the baby gets up. I’m learning to like my early mornings again.

The first of June, I’m opening up a shop of my own, selling my craft goodies and stuff my family makes and/or likes. I’ve GOT to get some stuff made by then….I’ve been slacking horribly in that department, so must kick the tires and light the fires.

We’ll see what other fun changes we decide to undertake as time goes on.


One thought on “Starting Over (again)

  1. You’re doing fabulous! Can’t wait to try some of the recipes and dig in a little deeper. Thank you for being such an inspiration honey!

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