It’s been a trying week….month…year.

I’ve realized I’ve been wallowing in a mire. Part of it is a goop of processing….learning a new way of looking at my life. But part of it is old bad habits cropping up again. I’m coming to terms with some things that aren’t my responsibility (ie times when I really CAN’T get a hold of emotions) and the times that I’m just being a jerk.

I’m sorting through all the changes going on right now, compartmentalizing them in the “good” and “not so good” jars they belong in. I’m formulating plans, and dreams, and adjusting my thought processes to fit my current reality. It takes me a bit more time to adjust to things than most people, but I am getting there.

I’m practicing serenity…being in the moment, and trying to see the positive in everything. It’s taking work, but it is helping.



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